Conserving Water with a Pool

One of the big users of water in a residential area is a swimming pool. But, pool ownership doesn’t necessarily mean that a homeowner has to incur huge water bills. Wise pool maintenance habits keep a water bill down and still offer a clear, sparkling pool. Today, we’ll discuss some ways to keep a lid on water use and still maintain a pool or hot tub.

Avoid spilling food or beverages in the pool.

Avoid spilling food or beverages in the pool.

Cover during periods of non-use

A pool cover will reduce the amount of evaporation and the amount of dirt in the pool.  A cleaner pool will require less maintenance such as backwashing. It will also keep the pool warmer, which reduces heating bills for those who heat their pools. Consider a cover when a pool isn’t in use. Winter is coming!

Watch for leaks

Watching your water usage is a great way to find more significant leaks, but they won’t always indicate a smaller leak until it uses a profound amount of water. So, keep a sharp eye out during pool maintenance for loose, missing, or cracked tiles, hairline cracks in the plaster. Also watch for damp spots near the pool (where there shouldn’t be any), leaking pipes or joints, and even odd growth of plant material, such as grass which grows faster than it should. If your water usage seems to be creeping upward and it can’t be explained away by temperature or changes in wind or pool usage, suspect a leak.

Reduce Backwashing

Backwashing the filter can wear it down if it’s done too often, but it also uses a lot of water. Don’t overdo the backwashing process. If your pool has a sight glass, use that to watch for clear water. It shouldn’t take more than two or three minutes. If you don’t have a sight glass, wait until the water runs clear at the end of the hose.

Don’t drain it until it’s necessary

Not draining too often especially holds true for hot tub owners, although we know no one wants to drain either their hot tub or pool.  Careful adherence to what is allowed in the pool or spa can help reduce the need for draining.

Water features

Water features such as fountains and sprays can add to evaporation of pool water. Avoid leaving these features on, especially at night, unless you’re having a gathering or other event.

Running the pool pump

Running the pool pump will help keep your pool clean, but running it too much will cause excessive evaporation. Not only that, but the amount of time a pump needs to run will be different depending on the time of year, location of the pool, and whether or not the pool has a cover.  A timer and a variable speed motor will help a homeowner have the most control of pool pump running times.

Polite bathers

An outdoor shower allows swimmers to rinse greasy lotions off before swimming.

An outdoor shower allows swimmers to rinse greasy lotions off before swimming.

Pool maintenance is considerably easier if bathers don’t wear greasy products into the pool, and refrain from rough housing, especially the ‘cannonball kid.’ We’re not saying bathers should have fun, but understand that the water bill is going to be higher when the pump has to work harder, or there is a lot of horseplay.  In fact, some pool owners lower the water level before parties and other big events to help avoid water loss.

Consider hiring a pro

Hiring a professional pool company to maintain your pool means having a pair of expert eyes available to scout for pool leaks and problems. Catching leaks when they're small will not only save money in repair costs but in water waste, as well..

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