When Does a Pool Owner Need a Pool Service?

There are varying needs of pool owners and when they turn to a professional pool service for help. Many times, a pool owner can go for years without experiencing a pool problem. They’re capable of handling nearly every issue on their own. Other times, they’ll depend on a pool company for almost every aspect of pool care. Here are the biggest reasons people call a pool service:


Pool maintenance

Whether a homeowner is busy, a new pool owner, is going to be away for a time, is tired of taking care of his own pool, or has the dreaded green pool or some other baffling situation, pool maintenance takes a considerable chore off of the homeowners plate, and gives it to a knowledgeable, dedicated pool pro. Summer season is a busy time for pool pros because pools get dirty fast and stay dirty if they aren’t frequently and adequately maintained. Afterward, some folks like their pool shut down for the season.

Some pool owners have a pool maintenance service because it's so much easier to have a pool pro on the job when there is a problem with the pool. Like most repairs, finding and solving a small pool problem will avoid a big problem later, and a pool service pro can detect the early signs when something isn’t right.

We have a tiered system of pool maintenance, which provides everything from chemical-only service (Bronze Plan) to full-service cleaning, monitoring, vacuuming, tile scrubbing, surface skimming and more (Platinum Plan).

Pool repairs

Some repairs are simple, and a homeowner can do them without help. But, some pool owners don’t want to mess with repairs, are baffled by a specific type of repair, or lack the required tools or knowledge to repair a particular problem occurring with a pool. A pool pro has the experience and skill to step in and fix a pool when needed.


Maybe a pool is stained or etched, has thin spots or bare spots in the plaster or something else. When a homeowner thinks the pool needs to be replastered, it very well might. It might only need acid washing. But, a pool pro will know for sure and be able to guide the homeowner through the different options.

When pool maintenance gets out of control, we can help!

When pool maintenance gets out of control, we can help!

New tile or coping

Sometimes tile or even coping will crack, fall off or start to look shabby. It could be a small job which only requires the replacement of one or two tiles, or it could be the entire waterline is old and failing, and it’s time. When a homeowner replasters or remodels, they may want new tile, too. Every case is different.

Automation or lighting

The homeowner may want an upgrade in lighting or automation, and they don’t want to do the job themselves, either because they don’t have the time, tools, or expertise.

In addition to the convenience of having a pool service, some pool owners want the latest and greatest technology for their pool. Pool automation has come a long way, and new things are coming out all the time. When a pool owner wants new lighting or automation, they look for an expert who has knowledge and awareness of their pool situation. The guy in the pool store might be great, but he’s selling chlorine and skimmer baskets and doesn’t have the lay of the land of a particular pool.

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